How Big Data Elevates the Dreaded But Necessary Area of E-Commerce Customer Service

On a moral level, customer service is a wonderful thing to offer for customers. Sometimes, they just want to return an item. Sometimes, they need a little direction and assistance on where to go and what can help their situation. Customer service is not usually the highest priority in regards to e-commerce, but it can help establish a certain tone with a company. Customer service, if done right, can help elevate a company beyond any near competitors.

Yet, customer service is not just a necessary evil and a nice way to beat the near competition. A fantastic customer service platform can be utilized as a tool and a resource as well. Every customer service transaction can be documented as a valuable piece of information. Take, for example, the Wal-Mart check-out customer service line. Traditionally, Wal-Mart is not making any money off of their customer service offering. If anything, they are losing big time. But, every transaction helps in collecting data. Customer service, when collected as a whole, can help offer assistance in:

  • When people are returning items and how (through phone, email, mail-in, etc)
  • What they are returning
  • How long they wait to return
  • How returns can assist in what the store reorders (or doesn’t order again)

The customer service component of the business illuminates other areas. It can be a fantastic resource of further knowledge, and not just a financial black hole. The information can be used to help find new clients. companies can subsequently steer future decisions based on how they perceive the customer service data. Who is needing the most help? Can this assistance be improved, and how?

Big data is the perfect complement to customer service. The information needs a place to be stored, reviewed, analyzed, etc. Throughout the many benefits of big data, the most sparkling one is the ability to make the customer experience better. The company can also benefit, which is a set-up that helps all involved parties. The clients can receive superior service for their purchases, and the business can use that data to make their offering even better. Big data is the tool to allow this increase in knowledge to happen.